New Technologies

Dr. Charles Silk utilizes several areas of advanced technology to help his patients. His office has the newest state of the art Sirona Dental Chairs for maximum comfort and relaxation, offering patients the softest, most natural-looking, environmentally friendly material available today. Ultra leather contains no toxic chemicals. Surround yourself with Sonos delivered Rhapsody music while viewing artwork which has the feel of a gallery, not a dental office. From the plush surroundings to the latest dental equipment, Dr. Silk has only the best for his practice.

Piezo-electric scalers, lasers and milling machines are all features of dentistry of the future, and used here at Dr. Silk's office. The Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler is a state of the art instrument that has proven to be effective in removing tartar from both below and above the gum line. This system safely uses oscillating sound waves (in conjunction with hand scalers) to remove tartar. The gentle vibrations are an effective tool for deep cleaning and gum therapy. Dr. Silk utilizes fiber optic electric hand pieces, meaning the drills are quiet and without vibration, unlike the drills of yesteryear, and virtually eliminates patients sensitivity, while still powerful enough to remove heavy calculus. LED (light emitting diodes) are THE light source of the future, and reproduce intraoral structures in a true-to-life fashion, allowing for better accuracy in treatment.

Our intraoral cameras take high quality photos of the surfaces of teeth. The revolutionary DocPortMacro line of intraoral cameras is the first to offer near-microscopic magnification, allowing early detection and prevention. Together with Dr. Silk, you can views these images on the monitor and see how a skilled Prosthodontist can solve your dental issues while also enhancing your smile.

By incorporating The DEXIS digital X-ray technology you can view the digital image of your teeth. Digital x-rays are a state-of-the-art dental radiology system that enables Dr. Silk to provide greatly improved diagnostic capabilities to his patients, while significantly lessening exposure to radiation. By using digital x-rays, radiation exposure is reduced by as much as 90% compared to traditional film x-rays! This enables Dr. Silk to locate especially small areas of decay between teeth, existing fillings, bridges and crowns. Because the radiograph displayed on the computer screen is so much larger than film images, you will get a clearer, more detailed view, for a better understanding of your diagnosis.

With all that's available to you at our practice, Dr. Silk will change the way you feel about dentistry!

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