Dr. Charles Silk, DDS, Prosthodontist, has dedicated his life to improving the well being of dental patients and passing on his knowledge to new generations of dentists. For over 25 years, Dr. Charles Silk, DDS has been the Director and Clinician of his own dental practice in New York City, specializing in Prosthodontics and Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry. He takes immense pride in creating beautiful, healthy smiles for his patients, often restoring their self-confidence. Showcasing patientsí beautiful smiles, Dr. Silk  has treated several celebrity clients who regularly grace the covers of magazines, including actors, models, and other famous personalities. He is known for solving the most complex dental problems and enjoys the challenges and rewards of taking on tough cases.

Why See A Prosthodontist over other dental professionals?

...because a Prosthodontist is a dentist who has completed an additional 3-4 years of advanced training after obtaining a dental degree, in order to treat a wider range of patients. This scope of experience and educational focus distinguishes the Prosthodontist as an authority in understanding the dynamics of a smile and the preservation of a healthy mouth. With extensive laboratory skills to handle the materials used in restoring and replacing teeth, and the correction imbalances of a smile, a Prosthodontist is a wise choice when making your decision to seek out a dental professional.

From patients who only need routine check ups, to those patients who want a higher level of care, Dr. Charles Silk is the right choice. He is an expert in improving the appearance of a smile that is healthy and long lasting.
Unknown to many dental patients, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, one of the fastest growing fields of dentistry today, is not recognized by the American Dental Association  as a separate dental specialty. This area of dentistry falls within the scope of a Prosthodontist, and while there are many references to "cosmetic dentists" in commercially published materials, the ADA does not recognize "cosmetic dentists" as a specialty.
Whether you need a routine check up, want to enhance your smile, or replace missing teeth, experience the difference that a skilled Prosthodontist can offer.


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